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Reduce Motorways Anxiety

We will help reduce anxiety with actual hands on experience mixed with additional knowledge

Understand All Types of Smart Motorway

We will look at the practical knowledge that is needed for understanding how to drive on each type of motorway.

Practical Skills For Safely Dealing With A Breakdown

We will outline and evaluate every practical possibility, so you are fully prepaired

Keep Your Family Safe

Hands on driving with running information about developing situations twinned with the new knowledge of what to do in an emergency will give you the confidence and skill for if you encounter difficult situations.

Smart Motorways - The difference is subtle but very important.

Smart Motorways created a very different type of road requiring a new skill set and bring new risks. The Smart Motorway relies heavily on TWO factors;

(One) The technology - Firstly technology, cameras spotting broken down cars and incidents using road sensors and speed sensors.

(Two) The human factor - The drivers need to be able to spot regular signage changes including speed and lane closures, look at the traffic density dynamics and keep an eye out far ahead for stranded cars, incidents and crashes that may have been missed by the cameras. The technology currently takes up to 14 minutes to spot and react to a incident, so for the first 13 minutes it's up to the drive to spot a stationary car in an active lane and this is where the problems really start.
The challenge with Smart Motorways comes when someone has a breakdown; having no hard shoulder immediately available means that broken down cars quickly become a hazard in an active lane, creating serous issues that was quite rare on standard motorways.

What do I do if I see a stranded car ahead in an active lane?
What do I do if I break down and busy?
What do I do if I can't get out of my car after an incident?
What do I do if I have my dog in the back and I have to get out?

Before the head shoulder was used for most situations but now it's gone for the most part. This driving course will educate you through every aspect of the Smart Motorways and use practical on road driving to help reinforce the new skills, while actually driving on Smart Motorways


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