Our Driving School Reviews and Testimonials

Our driving school prides its self on the reviews and testimonials students give us. We take pride in offering a bespoke service, tailored to each student so we are very appreciative of any feedback or reviews we receive helping us build a strong reputation in Teddington, Staines, Ashford, Kingston, Hampton and the surrounding towns. Below are just some of the nice things our students have said about us:

At Totally Driving we specialise in creating bespoke, engaging and enjoyable driving lessons.

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"Thanks so much Ollie, it certainly has been an experience!! Thanks for being so thorough, flexible and patient. I always felt calm driving with you, even from day 1! All the best, hope you can cope with all the new students lining up to get some of your time!"
"Thank you so much for the lessons Ollie! You made me feel so comfortable in lessons and you always stayed calm even when I made mistakes. The multiple mock tests helped so much leading up to my big day. Thank you so much, for helping me pass first time. I can't wait to do my Pass Plus with you soon!"
Laura from Teddington
Anna from Teddington

"Thank you for all the lessons and helping me pass! Really appreciated all the helpful feedback when I made mistakes. All the convos on the drives were really interesting too! Would defo recommend to anyone needing lessons!"
"Still hasn't sunk in. I just wanted to give a S/O to my driving instructor Ollie. Literally the best around. Had the finniest lessons ever whilst learning so much. Thank You for being SO patient with me and giving me the confidence to achieve this! 5 Stars"
Deepa from Kingston
Siobhan from Ashford

"Thank you so much Ollie! I enjoyed every lesson and always looked forward to the next one. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend ! Thanks again"
"Cheers ollie. Had a great time in your lessons. You taught everything in a really easy way to understand and I felt confident with driving before I even took my test and there was always some top banter on the side."
Jamie from Hampton Hill
Alex from Teddington

"TOTALLY!!! recommend this driving school. I passed 1st time thanks to the great work and excellent coaching from Ollie. He offered great tips and advice throughout the course, thank you so much for your patience over the last few weeks. Wouldn't of been able to do this without your knowledge and expertise, thanks once again Ollie"
"Thank you so much Ollie! It's been awesome learning to drive with you. I cannot recommend Ollie highly enough - he gave me all the guidance I needed to pass and drive safely on the road. Gonna miss our chats!"
Dave from Sunbury
Jess from Teddington

"Thanks for this Ollie, couldn't have passed with anyone else. Had such good lessons on a sunny Friday afternoon for many months that all lead to this beautiful day here! Really good teacher but also more of a friend now, hope to see you soon!! Thanks again ✌🏻️✌🏻️"
"Can't believe I passed first time! Thank you Ollie for letting me do as many catch up lessons as I could in the few days before my test. Thanks for always being patient and taking time to explain things to me in an easy to understand way. Your handy diagrams and information sheets were a lifesaver in the run up to my test! Don't think any other instructor would have been able to give me the confidence I needed to pass. Hope your new students find the "Bella Park" useful! All the best :)"
Maddy from Twickenham
Bella to Hampton Hill

"Couldn't recommend Ollie enough, top instructor and made every lesson fun but really effective. Also, massively patient throughout, especially at the early stages."
"Dear Olly, I wasn't expecting to ever pass my driving test as it was something I was terrified of when I started lessons aged 17... 17 years later I passed first time. You have been immensely good about fitting lessons in around my sons childcare which was really important to me. You gave me a lot of confidence in my driving ability and encouraged me to believe that I would pass first time. As a mum I think it is so important to be able to to drive. Olly you have helped me so much to make that happen and I will always be so grateful."
Jack from Hampton Wick
Sophie from Surbiton

"Ollie's a fantastic instructor, he made my lessons enjoyable and casual so I didn't feel stressed. His hints and tips for tricky situations really stick in your head so you never forget how to deal with them, and he was so flexible with lessons despite my changing schedule. Top instructor, would definitely recommend lessons with Ollie!!"
"I have been driving for over 20 years (in the USA), but still felt I needed a few lessons to understand the expectations of the UK practical test. Olie was great at tailoring my lessons to fit my needs, making me feel like his only student both on and off the road. The extra tips (websites, videos, etc) he provided were so helpful for me to learn on my own. And, the positive texts on the day of the test helped ease my nerves. In all I had a great experience with Olie. His professional attitude, encouragement (both positive and corrective) and calm nature made me feel confident. This ultimately led to me passing my test first time.“
Vicky from Hampton
Heather from Teddington

"Thanks Ollie, it's been a fun experience. I really appreciated your patience and you always made me feel at ease. Top class instructor!"
"Thank you so much for being able to fit me in at such short notice Olie! Knew all I needed was your help to pass. Will definitely be recommending Totally Driving, all the little hints and tips given along the way are what got me through my test! Thanks again"
Vicki from Feltham
Sabina from Whitton

"Thyago started taking lessons in Teddington after his wife Francesca started driving with Totally Driving, Thyago had high standards to meet from the get go, as his wife passed first time with Ollie. But Thyago passed on his first attempt at Isleworth Test Centre."
"What can I say?! I've had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Ollie. His teaching methods are brilliant and memorable and he made me feel totally relaxed, even after a three month break when I had my daughter (and put up with baby brain too!). Always flexible and happy to work around my changing schedule, I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Thank you so much for everything!"
Thyago from Teddington
Francesca from Teddington

"Thanks Ollie for getting me driving so confidently! I always felt like I made loads of progress after every lesson both in preparing for my test and driving in the real world. Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to learn to drive!"
"Olie's a top drawer instructor who makes lessons enjoyable and easy-going. I learned the basics quickly and his effective teaching of manoeuvres will help hone your car control hugely. His lesson times are very flexible and with his great practical tips you're bound to pass first time"
Emily from Kingston Upon Thames
James from Hampton Wick

"Ollie has been a great driving instructor. I'd been with other instructors and found them difficult to understand and made slow progress. With Ollie his lessons are fun and you get to learn great practical driving tips. I passed first time and with his methods of teaching no wonder most of his students do! He was also able to be completely flexible, fitting lessons around my work and home in Teddington and Surbiton so that I could learn in as shorter time as possible and made the whole process easy for me. I 100% recommend you use Totally Driving to pass your driving test!"
"Ollie's been a great instructor, every lesson is fun but he is still a really good teacher at the same time. No awkwardness there either, very friendly and he is guaranteed to get you passed!"
Matt from Surbiton
Max from Whitton

"Just want to say a massive Thank you to Ollie for helping me past my test! A fantastic driving instructor who makes you feel completely comfortable on all lessons and is just so down to earth! I had 2 previous instructors prior to him and he was by far the best! Definitely recommend Ollie to anyone and everyone! Thanks again Ollie, lessons where always fun and if will miss your cheeky comments! "
"Haha, that's a cheese photo for the books! Thank you so much for putting up with me for the amount of time I've been driving, you've been a wicked instructor and kept me smiling even when things went wrong, we won't mention the first attempt... :P. It was such a relief to pass, couldn't stop smiling all the way home!! Thank you again!"
Harley from Bedfont
Rebecca from North Sheen

"Thank you very much Ollie! You were very calm and patient when I was driving which was very reassuring! You made driving seem easy and straight forward which I didn't originally think it was going to be. Also lessons were a lot of fun and a shame they are now over!!
"Conall took driving lesson with Ollie at Totally Driving, after failing a few driving tests with another instructor. With some tuition and confidence building, Conell passed his driving tests at Ashford Driving Test Centre close to Staines."
Amelia from Twickenham
Conall from Teddington

"Thanks Ollie for all your brilliant teaching. You've been unfailingly calm patient and clear. I've really enjoyed learning to drive with you and am thrilled to have passed."
"Thanks for everything Ollie. Awesome driving instructor with great banter which made all the lessons a lot of fun. Never thought I'd pass so quick. Great car to make it all the easier."
Emma from Teddington
Joe from Teddington

"Ollie, thanks so much for your patience and enthusiasm and, of course, for the comedy! You made learning to drive fun and I would definitely recommend totally driving."
"Thank you Ollie for being such a good teacher! Your patience and thoroughness made sure I was fully prepared for my test as well as any driving generally. I really enjoyed your lessons and would recommend you to anyone! "
Cheryl from Feltham
Caroline from Walton

"Ollie you have been an amazing instructor. Every lesson was entertaining and highly enjoyable. The additional use of an iPad, aerial images, a toy car (which even matches the real car!) and even video demonstrations makes your teaching methods perfection. Thank you for all your time and effort that went into helping me pass my test first time. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Totally Driving, you couldn't ask for a better driving school. "
Its been a good journey mate, could not have asked more from a teacher. Always made the lessons fun, enjoyable and were more like a mate than a teacher. Gunna miss monday afternoons of driving with you and would recommend you to anyone with an interest in driving, Thanks again Ollie, hope to see you around and best of luck in the world!"
Beatrice from Barnes
Dom from Twickenham

"Hebe from Twickenham passed at the Isleworth Driving Test Centre, she was a great student and we are very grateful that she recommend two friends to Totally Driving plus her older sister."
"Really enjoyed having lessons with Olly - he's a lovely guy and made the difficult parts of driving considerably easier."
Hebe from Twickenham
Katherine from Teddington

"Thanks Olly for all the hard work you did to make me pass, it was fun having lesson with you, every lesson was so adventures! The best thing about you Olly you would make sure you get everything done and no time wasting, just like to say thank you!"
"THANKS OLLIE for ALL your help you've been a really great instructor and everyone should TOTALLY learn with you! wooo! you were super patient and I couldn't have passed without ya!! Its been really fun learning with you and you've just been the best!"
Alex from Hanworth
Ellie from Surbiton

"Thanks Olly for all the hard work you did to make me pass, it was fun having lesson with you, every lesson was so adventures! The best thing about you Olly you would make sure you get everything done and no time wasting, just like to say thank you!"
"Thank you Oli! You was a great teacher and made the lessons enjoyable, and a good laugh too! I would suggest you to anyone taking driving lessons!"
Lisa from Ashford
Dean from Whitton

"Thanks a lot for the lessons Olie you have been a great instructor and I'm glad I decided to go with you. Every lesson was interesting and enjoying, you did extremely well to help me get to where I am now considering I didn't have any proper experience driving before we had started and the fact that I didn't practice with my parents at all."
"Thanks olie for teaching me to be a confident driver and for all the laughs along the way! I would recommend learning to drive with Totally driving to anyone, Olie is so organised and prepared with his methods of teaching including use of his iPad, toy car and google images of routes."
Yann from Isleworth
Jess from Twickenham

"Proudly wearing my little motivational stickers! I've loved learning to drive with Olie, he's a first class instructor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. He's made every lesson so much fun, i've always looked forward to them and i'll certainly miss them now! Looking forward to getting back behind the wheel for my pass plus soon :-)"
"Passed my test, thank you so much ollie really appreciated all my lessons and had great fun learning how to drive with you. I would recommend anyone to learn to drive with you, your a great help, couldn't thank you anymore and all our lessons were fun and totally worth the money! Thank you so much for getting me through it all and helping me pass. Really really appreciate it THANKSS xxxxxxxxxx"
Rachel from Teddington
Shannon from Feltham

"Thanks Olie! I've had a really great time learning how to drive and you have been a brilliant instructor, thanks for being so patient and helpful!"
"Cheers ollie, lessons were good and we had a laugh along the way and whatever different problem I threw at you, we sorted it eventually. Been fun and enjoyable, thanks!"
Ghazal from Staines-Upon-Thames
Sam from Hampton Hill

"Thanks alot Olie, lessons were really good, got the driving done and had a laugh as well."
"Thanks Olie, really enjoyed the lessons, great teaching style and useful snow tips!"
Tom from Hampton Wick
Luke from Hampton Wick

"Had a great time being taught by Ollie, great guy, knows his way around a car - knowledgeable, funny and patient!"
"Thank you Ollie! You made all the manoeuvres simple... Even for me!"
Theo from Hampton
Annabel from Twickenham

"Cheers mate its been great learning with you, we somehow managed to get loads done in the lessons along with alot of banter. Youve been a great instructor and il be getting my sister to learn with you when she starts learning to drive. Cheers once again, im not sure how i managed pass first time but i did."
"I found the lessons the perfect environment, informative and relaxed. I really enjoyed learning under olie and he gave me the confidence to pass my test first time with few minors. The manouveres became easy with olie's instructions. We had a great laugh too."
Kent from Twickenham
Jack from Teddington

"Thank you very much Ollie, it's been a great few days of working together for our target. You are so professional and your teaching was the highest of standards. I really enjoyed the lessons and the way you structure them - this licence was much needed. Anyone who wants to learn to drive properly and pass 1st time, then Ollie is the man with TOTALLY DRIVING..!!!"
"Thank you for all the time you put into our lessons oli, such a great teacher to work with. What a relief that I've finally passed!"
Roshan from Surbiton/Tolworth
Maya from Ashford

"Olie! Thank you for being an amazing instructor :) Who knew that I would ever be able to pass. Our lessons have been very very funny and I have enjoyed them immensely, especially commenting on passers by :P If anyone heard us..... Gonna miss the whole Thursday routine of having a lesson!! But cannot wait to do Pass Plus with you, gonna be fun :D Cheers again (still sinking in I only got 2 minors :O...) See you on the motorways :P x"

Sinead from Ashford
"Thanks Olie! You were such a great teacher! By the shock everyone is showing that I passed you really can get anyone to drive! Really recommend!!! See you in pass plus! :)"

Immy from Whitton

"So sad I won't be seeing the new car but maybe during pass plus! Thanks for being a great instructor. You were calm, friendly and professional! I will miss changing your radio stations without you noticing :) x"
"Thank you Olie :) No idea how you managed to put up with me! Had such a great time with our lessons. I'm gonna miss our chats (laughing at weirdos) and stealing sweets off you :) Can't wait to terrorise the motorways in pass plus! xx"
Sasha from Hampton Wick
Maria from Kingston

"Thank you Olie for being such a good instructor. I really enjoyed having lessons with you (banana cake is the secret to passing!) :)"
"Thank you Ollie, you made the lessons so enjoyable :)"
Megan from Teddington
Emily from Teddington