About Your Local Driving School


We Are A Local Driving School, You Are Much More Than A Number To Us

Your Local Driving School

Totally Driving is a small, local, independent driving school based in Teddington. Now in its 8th year, Totally Driving has had 100s of happy and successfully passed pupils, with the majority of those passing first time. Our courses are designed to give you the skills and techniques needed to not only pass your driving test but to remain a safe and confident driver for life.

Our lessons are tailored to your individual skill needs and can fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you are a beginner, an automatic driver or someone looking to enhance your driving skills and save money on your motor insurance with a Pass Plus certificate, we are definitely the school for you! We are a local driving school, so unlike some of the "national" schools, you don't have to worry about call centres, constant driving instructor changes and you can be confident your instructor is local and knows the area your driving in.


Local Knowledge Is Crucial

We specialise in teaching in the local areas coving driving lessons in Surbiton, Staines, Feltham, Sunbury and all surrounding areas, giving us unrivalled local knowledge. Your driving instructor will know all the good starting spots plus all roads to avoid until your confidence has increased to help you on your way. We have taught many pupils from all the main local colleges and six forms, helping students get the driving experience and full licence required to help aid future studies and employment. Some of the local colleges and six forms we have happy passed pupils from are:

Local Colleges We Cover

At Totally Driving we have students at most of the local colleges and six forms in the local area.
We provide picks up and drop off plus "free period, lessons"

  • Esher College in Thames Ditton
  • Tiffin’s in Kingston
  • Hampton Boys in Hampton
  • Lady Eleanor Holles in Hampton
  • Richmond College in Twickenham
  • Brooklands College in Brooklands
  • Hampton High

  • Surbiton High

  • Twickenham Academy


A Pace That Suits You

No new learner drivers are the same. Some learn visually, some verbally and others like a more hands-on approach. With Totally Driving it doesn’t matter where you fit on the scale, our driving instructor will tailor driving lessons to your needs. We understand that helps to fit driving lessons into your daily break, be it college, uni or a work day. With many current pupils from all of the above locations your instructor can help make this happen, making your day even more productive.

Bespoke Driving Lessons

With Totally Driving, you will be right in the centre of the learning process, choosing whichever teaching style suits you best. You will have a safe and controlled environment to try out your driving skills until they become second nature and your confidence grows.

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Here are the FAQ's

We understand that planning to book your first driving lesson is a very nerve wracking experience. Here are some of the most common questions our students ask us - click each question for the answer:

1School Pickups / Drop off - Can i work my lessons around school & College
Of course, at Totally Driving are lessons are bespoke can work around school, college and uni. We can pick up or drop off, plus have lessons between breaks and free periods. *Depending on location.
2Breaks & Free Periods - Can i do lessons in free periods
Yes, we offer bespoke lessons so we can work around free periods, fitting lessons conveniently into your day.
3How many driving lessons do I need?
Many factors such as length of lessons, regularity and even the time of day can affect how many lessons a student will take to pass, not to mention college work and work commitments. However, the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) recommend 45 hours with a driving instructor and 22 hours with parents. We find on average our students pass in around 35-45 hours in total.
4Do i need to pay UP FRONT for a 10+ lessons to get my discount?
No, of course not unlike most driving schools we are so sure that you will enjoy learning with Totally Driving that we offer our complete discount off the 1st hour. This means you won't have to pay for 10/15 hours upfront to receive a discount and you won't be fixed in to a driving school before trying it out.
5I am very nervous about driving, do you specialise in this?
You're not alone, almost every student we teach is in someway nervous about the prospect of driving. It’s a large and somewhat scary hurdle to cross but with professional tuition and bespoke lessons all starting in roads to match your level of experience, the nerves are often short lived and soon replaced with a more confident outlook.