We Are Local, Independent and Long Standing. | Offering Standard & Key Worker driving lessons for new, experience and full licence holders.

We are a local driving school, we know your area, enabling us to offer a bespoke, personal service. When booking lessons you need to consider many factors. Price is one of them, driving is a life skill and a skill that will open up many opportunities but is a challenging skill to master. Not every driving school offers the same level of service. We focus on building confidence, keeping lessons stress-free, creating a strong understanding of road safety and a comfortable and friendly learning environment , helping get the job done first time. This is reflective in the price, you will notice driving school prices vary this is due different levels of demand due to a very different level of service, different pass rate and other factors. We offer a service that we feel is one of the best locally, with a high first time pass rate and a very stress-free learning environment.

New Drivers & Provisional Licence Holders

Special Discount:

| OFFER - Website booking price

| Only £41 Per Hour.

Give us a call today on 07513 193969 or drop us a message on our contact page, quoting the reference code ‘WINTER WEB.TD.2023’ and we can offer you a reduced rate for all your lessons at only £41 per hour!*

Included in the price.
Adjustable drop offs and pickups included* with standard price
Only One to One lessons.
Unlimited Mock Test included in standard price.
Fully insured for Driver Tuition
Fully DVSA Approved ADI Driving Instructor
Enhanced DBS checked ( CRB )
Pass Plus Registered

....and of course, a modern, clean tuition car, a friendly and fun learning environment and stress-free lessons.

T&C's - Pickup & Drop off Different pickup and drop offs within local area only.

Offers can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Driving Test Cover is £102.50 including 1hr before test & all relevant insurance and home, college or work drop off.

One 2 One Lessons

Some driving schools still practice bunny hoop lessons to keep lesson price down, we will never do this.

We won't change your instructor in the middle of your course

This is quite common with the larger national schools, constancy is key with driving lessons..

We don't want you to pay money up front

Some schools make you pay £100 up front before even meeting your instructor, we will never do this

We only do stress-free driving lessons

We make sure not only do you learn to drive and build life long confidence, but you enjoy the process.


Full Licence Holders & Refresher Lessons

*Full Licence Holders / Refresher Lessons £45hr

Driving Lesson Price T&c's
Adjustable drop offs and pickups included* with standard price
and of course, only ever one to one lessons.

T&C's - Offer only available to Provisional Licence holders, student must not have a pre-booked driving test, have taken a driving test or be planing to book driving test within the next 45days, different pickup and drop offs within local area.

Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Driving Test Cover is £102.50 including 1hr before test & all relevant insurance.

Unlimited Mock Tests are included in the standard lesson price.



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Here are the FAQ's

We understand that planning to book your first driving lesson is a very nerve wracking experience. Here are some of the most common questions our students ask us - click each question for the answer:
1Lesson Prices -Why do lesson prices vary so much between driving schools
May factors affect the price of a driving school. This can be the "First Time pass rates, lesson quality, age of tuition car to name just a few.
Before booking any driving lessons, try to make sure the feed back from past students, testimonials and gut feeling about the instructor fit your needs.
Driving schools are not all the same, so the level of service you get can vary massively, hence so does the price being charged. Learning to drive can be a very stressful and scary environment, not everyone is able to help the student thought this. So be careful not to look for the lowest price. You have to question why come schools have to market 25% cheaper than others. For Some price is the only factor and this is ok, but be sure to read genuine Google Reviews and feedback or it can easily cost a lot more in the long run.
2Bunny Hoop Lessons - I hear some instructors share lessons with more than one student.
All your driving lessons with Totally Driving will be 100% one to one, we NEVER share lessons ( Bunny-hoop ) Bunny-hop lessons still take place with some instructors. A bunny-hop lessons means you will be picked up by the previous student and then you will be required to drive them home before starting your lesson cutting into your lesson time dramatically. This is only done to cut costs for the instructor and is a practice us at Totally Driving completely disagree with.
3Paying Up Front - Ive been asked to pay up front before taking a driving lesson, should i?
Absolutely not, no reputable driving school will ask you to pay "up front" before taking a driving lesson. One or two schools have to offer discounts that require you to pay loads up front before you have even sat in the car but you have to ask why is this and if it's to lock a student in financially. With Totally Driving, you get you total discount on the first lesson, if you don't like it, your not trapped and can walk away. Although thankfully, we find our students stay. .
4Will i have to contact a call centre when paying or arranging lessons.
No, Totally Driving is a local driving school and prides its self on it personal service. You only be dealing directly with your instructor.
5Will i have to swap my driving instructor half way through learning to drive.
At Totally Driving we will not swap your instructors around mid-tuition. We are a bespoke local driving school so your instructor will be the same from day one, until the you pass your driving test.