Nervous Drivers

Nervous Drivers

Although most people will not admit it, learning to drive can be very daunting. Just arranging your first lessons and booking them in can be a hard step alone. For some, the open road and a feeling of freedom can be exhilarating, but for others, the thought of it is enough to break into a sweat. We understand this and we are here to help every step of the way, from day one to completing your driving test. When you first speak to us, we will have a chat about what your biggest fears in regards to driving are and then take steps to address them head on.

As a new driver or a learner driver out on the road, nervousness is understandable; you are becoming more independent and it’s going to be an exciting process. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous. However, if you do not learn to control it, it could lead to an accident and claims on your insurance. If the nerves are really getting to you, here are a few tips of ours that you can do yourself to help.

Your instructor will have a chat with you when booking about what to expect on your first lesson and the types of roads and locations that you can start on. The aim of this is to give you an idea of what will happen in the first few lessons and to help calm some of the anxiety you may have before beginning. Most people expect that they will put straight out on large busy roads and have to deal with heavy traffic from day one, this is never the case for beginners or nervous drivers; we always start on a very quiet, wide open side road. With our unrivalled local knowledge here at Totally Driving we will know the perfect location in every area covered.
In the first lesson we will then determine your skill level, this is to then create a plan adapted to your needs. We know everyone wants to pass their test first time and get on the road as soon as they can, so we plan our lessons to your own individual ability to get the maximum benefits, without any intense pressure. For those who may have already had lessons with a previous instructor, we again create a bespoke plan, just using your past experience as well. This means you get to start where you left off, not begin all over again.
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Lacking Confidence

We've Done This Before

Here at Totally Driving we have helped many existing drivers get back their driving skills and confidence. This is done by how we structure our lessons; we understand what makes you enjoy a lesson and what helps you understand the learning involved.


Driving Lesson Times

Each Driving lesson is suited to you, so if you are feeling particularly anxious about driving bang on traffic time for the first few lessons, let us know and we can arrange a time more suited to you that helps to reduce your fear and start steady. Totally driving do not require two hour lessons booked, however for progression two hour lessons tend to be the most productive and cost effective where possible.

The Benefit Of Using A Local Driving Instructor

Your instructor will be teaching you from the first lesson until the day you pass. We do not feel that swapping an instructor half way through is productive for the pupil. Also we know the local area well and take advantage of this knowledge to make sure you start and drive in areas suited to your level of driving. Some of the larger schools recommend instructors to work in unfamiliar areas to increase pupil volumes; we feel this is not in the pupils best interest and we work only in locations familiar to us.
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