Driving Lessons Staines, TW18


Driving Lessons Staines, Middlesex, TW18

So you are looking to take driving lessons in Staines or as we now know it, Staines Upon Thames. When looking for a driving instructor in Staines, look no further than Ollie at Totally Driving.

Our driving school in TW18 covers Staines, Middlesex and all the surrounding towns. Take a look below for help and advice regarding the perfect starting locations.

!!Our Local Knowledge!!

Totally Driving have a good understanding and plenty of knowledge of all the areas covered in our driving lessons, Staines Upon Thames being one of them. Staines is know to as the main town of the area with its large town centre and shopping area

Staines also has a great range of road types, including small back roads right put to one a handful of national speed limit roads were a student can reach 70mph without driving on a motorway, which isn't currently aloud by law.

Not only do we cover driving lessons in Staines but we cover all the surrounding towns, So if you are looking to learn to drive in Ashford, Feltham, Laleham or surround areas.


Villages Within Staines Suitable For Driving Lessons

The town of Staines borders the River Thames with it's postcode area of TW18, which comprises of small villages such as Laleham TW18, Stanwell TW18 and Wraybury TW18.

If you're thinking of taking driving lessons Staines, your onto a winner as Staines is a great location to start driving. The good mixture of small, low traffic backroads and large main roads gives you all the locations you need to get behind the wheel.

Staines has a number of interesting reasons to tempt you into the town. Firstly, we have Staines Town FC Football Club which has been around for more than 100 years and a great shopping centre that includes Nandos, a large cinema, easy parking and of course the River Thames with its lovely riverside pubs and bars.

Great starting locations for driving lessons Staines, TW18

A Totally Driving we understand what is required for a new driver and have extensive knowledge of Staines and all the surrounding towns. We can start you off in the perfect location to fit your current level of driving, helping you develop faster and in a less stressful environment.

St Paul's Road

Just over the River, St Paul's Road is close to The Magna Carta School and is a perfect starting location for lessons, with a nice mix of wide and low traffic roads and T-Junctions. Surrounding roads such as Wopshot Road and Cornwall Way are also a good place to start.

Huntingfield Way

Again, over the river is a perfect place to tighten up junctions and corner reverse, close to Thorpe Lea Primary School. It's best to avoid around school opening and closing times though.

Staines High Street

Once you're ready for main roads and roundabouts, you will move onto the one way system surrounding Staines. It will be great for dealing with traffic lights and large box junctions, plus giving you the option to go to McDonalds for a fill up as well!

As you develop

Students' have the opportunity to venture onto Ashford High Street in order to advance their skills with some of the larger roundabouts in this area; these are something that at first many people will be nervous about. Ashford’s road system when used in the correct way, means that roundabouts will no longer pose a challenge to those students' learning with us.

Local Driving Test Centres For Driving Lessons In Staines

Staines and the surrounding areas are covered by the Ashford Driving Test Centre, which is situated on the corner of B378 Church Road and B377 Fordbridge Road. Ashford is served by a handful of major roads including the A30, A308 and A316, which means students' have easy access to fast and challenging roads when their skill levels increase. Not only do we offer driving lessons Staines, but we cover all the surrounding towns. So, if you are looking to learn to drive in Staines, Feltham, Laleham or any other surrounding areas, get in touch.

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Why choose an approved driving instructor

In October 2010, the DSA stopped publishing Driving Test routes for all of its driving test centres around the UK. Most centres consist of 10-12 routes, each taking approximately 40-50 minutes meaning that the student has to be familiar with all of the major crossroads, junctions and roundabouts covered by the test centre. When people take lessons with their parents' or friends, candidates' will often encounter a common problem - a lack of understanding when approaching large junctions and roundabouts with respect to lanes and position. With the direction of an Approved Driving Instructor, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the complex junctions and roundabouts involved in the test routes.

Learn To Drive With Totally Driving

Totally Driving offers driving lesson covering the Ashford Middlesex area, with impeccable local knowledge of Ashford Middlesex and all its surrounding towns such as Staines, Egham and Feltham. We understand all the starting locations and areas for every level of driving.

At Totally Driving we can help you progress throughout your tuition at a speed and time scale that suits you. We feel that learning to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment greatly increases the speed at which you take on every aspect of driving, but it makes lessons fun and enjoyable.

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At Totally Driving we specialise in understanding nervous drivers.

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With Totally Driving & Be Behind The Wheel in Less Than 10 Days

If your thinking about taking driving schools or you want some more information get in contact. You could be on the road and in your first driving lesson in less than 10 days.

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