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Driving Lessons Ashford, Middlesex, TW15

Totally Driving cover all driving lessons in Ashford, Middlesex. So, if you are looking to take driving lessons in the local area, we can definitely help you. Below we have some information on the local area and we know some great beginners roads to kick start learning to drive in Ashford Middlesex. We also have information on the local Ashford driving test centre.

Our Local Knowledge

Totally Driving have a good understanding and plenty of knowledge of all the areas covered in driving lessons, Ashford Middlesex being one of them. Ashford is almost entirely in the Surrey borough of Spelthorne with a small part belonging to the London Borough of Hounslow.

Ashford is served by a handful of major roads including the A30, A308 and A316 meaning that students' have easy access to fast and challenging roads when their skill level increase. Ashford is a small town with a low to medium traffic density, making it a great place to learn to drive.

Not only do we cover driving lessons in Ashford but we cover all the surrounding towns, So if you are looking to learn to drive in Staines, Feltham, Laleham or surround areas.


Ashford Middlesex

The town had its official name changed from Staines to Staines-upon-Thames on 20th May 2012. Ashford is also linked to some smaller satellite villages including Stanwell Moor TW19 which is only feet away from Heathrow. With its population at 27,382 (2010) Ashford has been steadily growing with its great links to London, Heathrow and the M25.

Ashford's neighbour Staines TW18, is one of the largest towns in the area with its town centre, attractive river side and unique location close to the M25.

Stanwell Moor is a peaceful village with roots going back 1000s of years; its green spaces and country lanes do not suggest its proximity to Europe’s busiest airport. Laleham TW18 is a small village south of Ashford with a small high street and a beautiful church. South of Laleham is Thorpe KT16 home of the great Thorpe Park. The Rose & Crown in Thorpe Village is a lovely pub for familys so i would highly recommend giving it a try.

Great Starting locations in Ashford TW15

A Totally Driving we understand what is required for a new driver and have extensive knowledge of Ashford and all the surrounding towns. We can start you off in the perfect location to fit your current level of driving, helping you develop faster and in a less stressful environment.

Junction Road

Heading towards Feltham TW13 is Junction Road TW15, set off Feltham Hill Road, Junction Road links Ashford to Feltham. This is a great area for drivers of all experience as it has a wide range of T-Junctions, Parking and Corner Reverse opportunities.

Junction Road

Heading towards Feltham TW13 is Junction Road TW15, set off Feltham Hill Road, Junction Road links Ashford to Feltham. This is a great area for drivers of all experience as it has a wide range of T-Junctions, Parking and Corner Reverse opportunities.

Park Lane Road

and Park Lane Grove, situated behind Ashford high street are great starting locations for new students'. They are more challenging than Hurstdene Avenue due to an increased traffic flow and road size but great for understanding T-Junctions and side roads with medium traffic density.

As you develop

Students' have the opportunity to venture onto Ashford High Street in order to advance their skills with some of the larger roundabouts in this area; these are something that at first many people will be nervous about. Ashford’s road system when used in the correct way, means that roundabouts will no longer pose a challenge to those students' learning with us.

Local Test Centres

Ashford and the sounding area are covered by Ashford Driving Test Centre, at lot people learn to drive in Ashford, Middlesex so it has 12 test routes criss-crossing all of the major local towns which requires the candidates' to have a strong understanding of all major junctions and roundabouts. The Ashford Driving Test Centre, which is situated on the corner of B378 Church Road and B377 Fordbridge Road, has no car park forcing the candidates to park adjacent to the high street or along Fordbridge road. Candidates' must ensure that they do not park too close to or opposite other candidates as this will cause restrictive traffic flow, leading to an unhappy examiner before they even get in the car.

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Why choose an approved driving instructor

In October 2010, the DSA stopped publishing Driving Test routes for all of its driving test centres around the UK. Most centres consist of 10-12 routes, each taking approximately 40-50 minutes meaning that the student has to be familiar with all of the major crossroads, junctions and roundabouts covered by the test centre. When people take lessons with their parents' or friends, candidates' will often encounter a common problem - a lack of understanding when approaching large junctions and roundabouts with respect to lanes and position. With the direction of an Approved Driving Instructor, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the complex junctions and roundabouts involved in the test routes.

Learn To Drive With Totally Driving

Totally Driving offers driving lesson covering the Ashford Middlesex area, with impeccable local knowledge of Ashford Middlesex and all its surrounding towns such as Staines, Egham and Feltham. We understand all the starting locations and areas for every level of driving.

At Totally Driving we can help you progress throughout your tuition at a speed and time scale that suits you. We feel that learning to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment greatly increases the speed at which you take on every aspect of driving, but it makes lessons fun and enjoyable.

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At Totally Driving we specialise in understanding nervous drivers.

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