Learners Drivers On Motorways – What You Need To Know

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Learners Drivers On Motorways – What You Need To Know

Learners Drivers On Motorways - What You Need To Know

After you pass your driving test, you may feel that you’ve mastered the types of roads that you learned to drive on. But what about when it comes to motorways?

These big, fast roads can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to joining a motorway or navigating where you need to go. And although you may have practiced on them with your driving instructor, driving on them on your own can feel very different.

In this article, we’re going to look at the rules regarding learner drivers on motorways, why the law changed in 2018, and share our top tips for driving on motorways safely.

Why the rules changed

In 2017, Road Safety Minister at the time, Andrew Jones proposed a change in the laws regarding learner drivers driving on the motorway.

He stated that he wanted to allow learner drivers to take lessons on motorways to – “enable novice drivers to experience the broadest possible range of driving experiences in a supportive environment, helping them to be better, safer, independent drivers.”

Can a learner drive on the motorway

Yes, in June 2018 the law changed and 2018 learner drivers were allowed to take motorway driving lessons for the first time. However, they must be accompanied by an approved driving instructor, in a car with dual controls, and display clear L plates. The driving instructor must also feel confident that their student is competent enough to have lessons on the motorway as a learner.

Rules for driving on the motorway

You can read more about the rules for motorways by reading the section of the Highway Code on motorways here.

Motorway driving tips from Totally Driving 

  • Stay calm – Motorway driving can feel scary at first but having your instructor beside you will help your confidence.
  • Be decisive – Don’t hesitate when changing lanes. Once you’re sure it’s safe, you’ve done your mirror checks, and are indicating correctly, move into the lane you want to be in. The same applies when joining the motorway. Hesitating is dangerous.
  • Watch your speed – It’s important to stay within the speed limits on the motorway. Slow-moving vehicles can be dangerous too so match the speed of others on the road, safely.

How we can help

Ask your instructor about motorway lessons and if you’ve already passed your test, think about whether you would benefit from one of our Smart Motorway Refresher Courses.

Designed to reduce motorway anxiety, understand all types of smart motorways, and practical skills for dealing with a breakdown.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Olie Smith
Olie Smith
Olie Smith is a DSA Fully Approved Driving instructor with years of professional experience in driver training. Oliver set up Totally Driving to give a more bespoke, personal feel to driving lessons.

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