What Is Going On In South West London This Christmas?

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What Is Going On In South West London This Christmas?

What Is Going On In South West London This Christmas?

In 2018, 2.3 million people in the UK took a holiday overseas. Because of COVID, you may find yourself staying home this holiday season instead. Luckily, your Christmas plans can still be exciting if you know what’s happening ahead of time.

Read on to find out what is going on in South West London this Christmas.

Visiting The Kew Light Display

Even though COVID pushed back the opening of Christmas at Kew, the light display is back with more dates added. Families can enjoy the winter festivities a Kew Gardens such as new light installations.

COVID has restricted the fairground from taking place, but there will still be food and drink stalls for everyone to enjoy. Included in the list of vendors is Montezuma’s Chocolate.

This is one of the Christmas lights events that you won’t want to miss. With over one million lights to walk through and gaze out, you will have many opportunities to get the perfect Instagram picture. Of course, you will also enjoy the festive cheer going on in South West London this Christmas.

Shopping At Wimbledon Christmas Market

Although this is one of the free Christmas events to attend, you may find yourself spending money on all of the goodies you find. The Wimbledon Christmas Market began by only running food stalls.

As the COVID nation lockdown finishes up, stalls will be back to sell home decor and perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends. As Christmas events are popping up everywhere in London this Christmas, this is a must-add to your list.

Wimbledon Christmas Market will provide an outdoor holiday shopping experience like no other. Each market has around 50 stalls and no two market days are the same as different stallholders make an appearance each weekend.

Ice Skating At Hampton Court Palace

If you are looking for Christmas Eve events, look no further. Open from December 5th to January 17th, excluding Christmas day, you and the family can enjoy 45-minute skating sessions at Hampton Court Palace. Because of COVID, early booking is essential.

Hop on the ice and enjoy the open-air while being surrounded by the spectacular views of Henry VIII’s historic home. With the help of Penguin aids, even your little ones can participate in the magic.

Buying Crafts At Duck Pond Markets

In London this Christmas, COVID was no match for the Duck Pond Markets. They can run events as usual, including the Heron Square Christmas Artisan Market.

Before national restrictions eased, the market could only sell essential foods and other takeaway items. Now, they are running as usual by selling artisan crafts and gifts.

If you want to help small businesses this holiday season, Duck Pond Markets is the place to do it. They pride themselves on being an outlet for local small businesses. This is the perfect event to find handmade, sourced crafts for you and your loved ones.

Visit South West London This Christmas!

If you don’t already live in South West London, tis’ the season to take a trip. With the national lockdown being lifted, there is still plenty to do while staying safe from COVID. Whether lighting displays, shopping, or ice skating is your thing, there is something for everyone this Christmas.

This is the time when the streets of London come alive, contact us to get in the driver’s seat today and make it to all of the winter festivities.

Olie Smith
Olie Smith
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