The NEW Show Me & Tell Me Driving Test Questions

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The NEW Show Me & Tell Me Driving Test Questions

Show Me Tell Me Driving Questions

There are various parts to your practical driving test, which are all designed to show that you possess certain skills. One of the things that are included in your test is the use of “show me” and “tell me” questions.

“Show me” and “tell me” questions is where your instructor will ask you to show them something and to tell them something. Your instructor will ask a “tell me” question at the beginning of the test, and a “show me” question during the test, whilst you are driving. This has now changed and involves one question at the start of the test and a second while moving.

We have got every question and answer from the NEW style “show me, tell me” questions for you here.

The 5 Parts To The Driving Test

  • an eyesight check
  • ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  • general driving ability
  • reversing your vehicle
  • independent driving

The test is the same for both manual and automatic cars.

What Is A Tell Me Question?

A “tell me” question is when your examiner asks you a question that requires an explanation. You don’t need to take any action to answer; you simply need to tell your examiner your answer. It helps you to demonstrate your knowledge at the beginning of your test.

What Is A Show Me Question?

A show me question is a question that requires you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Your examiner will ask you to do something while you are driving, such as check that something is working. This shows that you know your stuff, and it demonstrates that you can check something whilst continuing to drive safely.

What Happens If You Get The Questions Wrong?

It can be nerve-wracking to be asked questions during your test, whether you have to show or tell something, as the answer. If you get one or both of your show me and tell me questions wrong, you will get one driver fault. It’s not the end of the world, assuming you do well in the rest of your test, but it’s important to be aware that it will affect you.

One important thing to remember is that you need to choose the right time to perform the action required for the show me question. It’s crucial to do it when it’s safe to do so, for you, other road users, and pedestrians.

You will be asked the question while the car is moving, and it’s important to show that you’re paying attention. Simply getting the answer wrong might not be a big deal, but putting anyone in danger could result in a serious fault from your examiner.

Preparing For Show Me & Tell Me Questions

How can you prepare for the show me and tell me questions? One useful way is to download a copy of the questions below. This covers everything that you can be asked along with detailed and correct responses for each.

show me tell me driving test questions 212x300 - The NEW Show Me & Tell Me Driving Test Questions

Ensuring you work on learning your theory and spend plenty of time having lessons and practising your driving is essential. But, if you would like further information on the test procedure and how to prepare yourself, get in touch with us here at Totally Driving by calling 07513 193969 or emailing

Olie Smith
Olie Smith
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