Safety Tips For Road Trips During The Christmas Period

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Safety Tips For Road Trips During The Christmas Period

safety tips for road trips during the christmas period

Driving during the busy festive period can be stressful. Particularly for newly qualified drivers. If you’re planning a road trip to visit friends and family, it’s important to travel safely.

In this article, we look at road trip safety tips to ensure you stay safe and are prepared for the long drive. Including planning your journey, vehicle maintenance and checks, and scheduling breaks if your journey is a long one.

Planning and Preparation

Before you set off it’s a good idea to plan your route, especially if it’s not a destination you’re familiar with.

If your journey is long, plan to break it up with plenty of pit stops for you and your passengers. This way you can make sure that you’re not too tired and can rest if needed. If you’ll be travelling into the evening, you may even want to look at different hotels en route in case you need to stop for the night.

Travelling during the winter months means that you’re more likely to encounter adverse weather conditions. Check the forecast before you travel and ensure you have some essential items with you, such as a first aid kit or emergency kit. Pack extra clothes in case you break down or encounter delays for long periods, and don’t forget to fully charge your phone. It’s also a good idea to have a phone charger for the car or a portable power bank so you don’t run out of charge.

Travelling with children? Make the trip fun with some kids travel games and plenty of snacks to keep them happy.

Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Checks

Before you travel, make sure your car is in good condition by carrying out some maintenance and safety checks to make sure you drive safely, including:

  • tyre pressure
  • fluid levels, including oil and screen wash
  • headlights and brake lights
  • turn signals
  • hose connections
  • wiper blades

Safe Driving Practices

With more cars on the road, your journey will take longer. This can be frustrating but it’s important to stay safe behind the wheel.

During your trip:

  • maintain a safe distance from other vehicles at all times during traffic
  • avoid distractions, such as your cell phone
  • stick to the speed limit
  • never drink alcohol and drive. Drunk driving is a criminal offence.

Adapting to Winter Driving Conditions

During the summer there are more daylight hours and the weather is generally dry. In winter, however, you’re more likely to encounter dangerous weather conditions such as ice, snow, and heavy rain which can reduce your visibility.

If this happens during your journey, make sure that you adjust your driving speed, take extra care, and be more alert to potential hazards.


We hope that you have found this article useful in preparing for a stress-free and enjoyable journey during the festive season. And, if you have any questions or need more tips or further help in preparing for your journey safely, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our instructors will be happy to help.

Olie Smith
Olie Smith
Olie Smith is a DSA Fully Approved Driving instructor with years of professional experience in driver training. Oliver set up Totally Driving to give a more bespoke, personal feel to driving lessons.

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