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27th August 2020
How Many Car Accidents Are Caused By Texting And Driving?

How Many Car Accidents Are Caused By Texting And Driving?

In 2019, a total of 1,748 people were killed in Great Britain in car accidents. Road accidents aren’t exclusive to Great Britain. They are random events […]
29th July 2020
how to approach roundabouts uk 960x386 - How To Approach Roundabouts In The UK

How To Approach Roundabouts In The UK

Are you wondering how to approach roundabouts in the UK? No wonder! As of five years ago, there were about 10,000 roundabouts in the United Kingdom. […]
30th June 2020
pay and display parking regulations

Pay And Display Parking Regulations In The UK: A Driver’s Guide

Finding a good parking spot can be a nightmare. Then, when you finally find one, you have to follow all the pay and display parking regulations. […]
8th June 2020
parking on dropped kerb law uk

Parking On A Dropped Kerb: The UK Law

If you receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) for a parking violation, you’ll need to pay as much as £90 for the fine. Parking on a […]
28th February 2019
What Is An Urban Clearway

What Is An Urban Clearway?

There are lots of road signs and designations that you need to be aware of when you’re learning to drive. Some of these might be completely […]
29th January 2019
How Long For Alcohol To Leave System

How Long Does It Take For Alcohol To Leave Your System?

If you frequently head out with friends and family members to eat, then you probably know that it’s a good idea to decline any alcohol to […]