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Oliver Smith is the owner of Totally Driving – A DSA Fully Approved Driving instructor with 6 years experience in driver training. Trained by the AA and with previous experience working for BSM driving school and a number of the smaller local companies, Oliver has well over 150 passed pupils behind him with an extremely high first time pass rate.


“Teaching people to drive requires many skills but the most important is an understanding of emotions involved when learning something new and complex. I find patience and a very calm environment, even in a challenging situation, is the biggest key to success with my students.”

Ollie from Totally Driving

Driving instructor pass rate


Oliver’s outlook on how he teaches his pupils is based heavily on creating a level of confidence, which is instilled into his students. This helps them progress at a steady pace with very little of the nerves that’s often experienced when learning to drive. Some instructors choose to push their students, sometimes adding additional stress, which Oliver completely disagrees with

Years of Experience

After building up many years of driver training experience, Oliver decided to setup his own driving school with the intention of giving a more bespoke, personal feel to driving lessons that he felt wasn’t offered. Totally Driving has now built its reputation on fitting each lesson to the needs of the pupil; something Oliver feels is lacking with the large multi-regional schools. Totally Driving is proud of its reputation it has built with more than 60% of its new students taking lessons having been recommend.

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Learn to Drive in BRAND NEW Ford Fiesta

You will learn to drive in a  Ford Fiesta; this car is one of the best supermini`s out at the moment, with its bold styling, amazing interior and great handling. This is a premium supermini. It is packed full of the newest driver handling aids to help ease you onto the road, such as ESP, ABS and one of the most economical and environmentally sound engines in its class.

Wherever you’re a nervous driver, looking for a good local driving instructor or cheap driving lesssons, the tuition car is as important than your instructor. We only use ew modern cars.


cheap driving lessons

good local driving instructornervous driver


At Totally Driving, we believe having the right tuition car gives you the best possible start to successful driving lessons, learning to drive in the Ford Fiesta fulfils that, plus the fact that it looks like this can only be a bonus!

We make sure your car is always kept in excellent condition and in perfect running order with fully comprehensive driving instructor insurance suitable for anyone over 17 years of age holding a provisional driving licence.



Your Ford Fiesta Tuition Car is Fitted With


  • • Fully fitted with dual control
  • • Air conditioning
  • • Blind spot and additional mirrors to help you learn with ease
  • • Easy city steering for maneuvers
  • • Diesel engine making it hard to stall
  • • Ergonomic interior design and great visibility
  • • Small compact size
  • • Light easy to use controls
  • • Easy to understand dashboard instruments



Driving Lessons in a Modern Car

At Totally Driving we want to make learning as simple as we can. One very easy way to do this, is to use the best tools for the job.  Our tuition car is new and fitted with all the latest driver aids to make driving much more enjoyable and less challenging.

Unlike some other local driving schools, we don’t use cars which in some cases can up to 7 years old. As cars age, even with the best maintenance, parts and components wear and become harder to use, plus as car technology develops, new safety and reliability devices become more available. People learning in older cars will not have these benefits at their disposal. The only benefit of an old tuition car is found in keeping running costs down for the instructor. At Totally Driving your car will never be more than 12months old. So, taking driving lessons in a Ford Fiesta wont just be fun, but you will have all the benefits of the latest and most modern cars.

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