Money Saving Tips – A Way To Save Money On Fuel

Save money on driving and fuel with our driving course

Money Saving Tips – A Way To Save Money On Fuel

Take a Fuel Efficiency – Top Up Driving Lesson Today

At totally driving we are looking to help save people money, we understand that fuel bills are going thought the roof, whether its Gas, Electric or Petrol, savings can always be a good thing for your wallet or purse.

We can’t help with your gas and electric but one thing we do know is driving. We know how you can save money on your fuel; we have created a lesson for everyone from an experienced drivers to a very new license holder.

Take a Fuel Efficiency – Top Up Lesson With Totally Driving.

In just 90 minutes we can give you a break down on how to save fuel, increse MPG and put less wear and tear on your car plus of course lessen the pollutants your car admits.

A Way To Save Money On Fuel – Get The Best MPG From Your Car.

Do you find your weekly fuel bills are going up but petrol and diesel prices are going down, your not alone. Many factors can make this happen, weather, road condition and the driving. But we can help.

We can have put all our driving knowledge in to a  90 minute lesson which can give you all the advice you need to get the most Miles Per Gallon from your car. With simple methods that you can do, day in day out to save fuel.

If we can help bring your average MPG from 40mpg to 55mpg over a year, your new fuel efficient driving could save you £743 over 12 months.

Money Saving Tips – How It Works

Ok, lets break it down.

So lets say you drive 20,000 per year and your averaging 40 mpg with fuel costing 120p per litre, your will be paying £2727.60

Bringing the average mpg to 55 will now only cost £1983.71. That’s a massive saving, the figures seen here are just an average, but week in week out you will see a lot more in your pocket.

The tips and advice will be bespoke to each driver and will be broken down, so they can easly be added to your driving each and every day.

How to save fuel Best MPG Fuel efficient car

*Car Mpg`s vary massively, but we will help you maximise what’s capable of your car

Have The Most Economical Car You Can

The savings might not stop there, smother more energy efficient driving can also have a positive affects on the wear and tear of your car, hard aggressive breaking and taking corners or speed bumps too fast will not agree with your cars suspension and tires, so our Fuel Efficiency – Top Up Driving Lesson will help. Also as part of this Fuel Efficiency – Top Up Lesson we will look over your car and talk to you about savings that can be made before you even start your engine, such as tire pressure or everything but the kitchen sink that is kept in your boot.

So put simply why not take a Fuel Efficacy Driving lessons with Totally Driving and get the Best MPG from your car, which makes a great way to save money on fuel.

How to save fuel Best MPG Fuel efficient car

Whats in it for you

What will you get from your 90 minute Fuel Efficiency – Top Up lesson

  • Less Pollutants
  • Higher MPG
  • Smoother Driving
  • Lower Fuel Bills
  • Strategic Braking
  • Heightened Anticipation
  • Advanced Road Reading
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Less Tire Wear
  • Longer Brake Life
  • Less Suspension Issues
  • Less Petrol station Visits

Book a Fuel Efficiency – Top Up Driving Lesson Today

Our Fuel Efficiency Top Up lessons cost £55, its a great investment and will help you on the road to a more fuel efficient drive.

Why not buy a Top Up Lesson for someone’s birthday, its a great gift for any driver and will help them have a more fuel efficient car, with ways to save money on fuel, so you could say; its a gift that keeps giving.

To book a a Fuel Efficancy Top Up Lesson – Click Here.