Refresher Courses

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Refresher Courses

We offer a wide range of driving courses for all types of drivers. Here at Totally Driving we find, along with our new drivers and semi-experienced, we have lots of full licence holders wishing to brush up on different aspects of their driving. Some may just have bad habits that have crept in or for some it can be nerves. It’s very common that after a few years with no additional training your driving skills can get a little rusty. We will help to address this problem with our bespoke refresher courses.


Why take a Driving Refresher Course

Each course is bespoke for the driver, fitting in any requirement needed. Our most common course is the full Refresher Course covering all basic aspects of driving. You may find that it has been a while since you have done a long journey and you feel that you need a little help on one or two driving related subjects. Maybe your just about to buy a brand new car and want to have a bit of a brush up with an instructor or you could be starting a new job and may now need to travel on the motorway. We are now often finding that the parents of our pupils take one of our short refresher courses to help bring them up to scratch with new driving techniques plus help renew previous driving skills. This in-turn helps a great deal if they are planning to do some private tuition with their son or daughter in a family car.

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How our Driving Refresher Courses work

Each course is based on a minimum amount of hours to fulfill all the criteria covered. This can be added to, if needed, based on what you want to gain from the experience. Each refresher course is bespoke to you so can be customised for your needs. For example, we have arranged a refresher course for a nervous driver who was starting a new job in Brighton. She wished to experience a few of the routes from London with an instructor helping when she commutes.

So if you have an idea of what you want to improve upon, please contact us.

Details for each course and price can be seen below, payments can be spread over the length of the course or on the first lesson.

Top up lessons can be added to any of the Refresher Courses at £32.50 per hour.

Lessons taken with a FULL UK LICENCE will be charge at £32.50 per hour.

Nervous Drivers

£162.505 Hours

  • Awareness skills
  • Forward planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Increased  confidence
  • Understanding Nerves

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Refresher Course

£1956 Hours

  • Hazard awareness
  • Parking development
  • Motorway driving
  • City driving skills
  • Roundabout skills

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Motorway Course

£1304 Hours

  • Motorway lane understanding
  • Lane changing skills
  • Advance planning
  • Sign understanding
  • Breakdown awareness

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Parking Course

£97.503 Hours

  • Increased parking confidence
  • Bay parking skills
  • Parallel parking
  • Distance awareness
  • Parking  signs

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Test Coverage


  • Fully insured car
  • Covers up 4 miles
  • 2hr30 of driving time
  • 1hour warm up lesson
  • DSA Approved instructor

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