Pass Plus Course

What is the Pass Plus Course?

The Pass Plus course is the next level of driving after completing your Driving Test; think of it like having the opportunity to change a college exam grade from an A to an A+.

In essence this is what the Pass Plus course is all about: You will learn 6 MODULES of driving including Motorway, City Centre and country lanes to name but a few, with the end goal of being a more experienced and more confident driver. Unlike the driving test, the Pass Plus course is 6 hours or lessons and NO driving test at the end the course cost is £190.


Is Pass Plus For Me?

 The Pass Plus course is great for anyone who has recently passed their driving test. Driving lesssons are delivered to help get the student to a level of driving that will keep them safe on the road and driving safe for life, but there are some subjects which can only be spoken about in theory and not practiced because of road traffic laws, such as motorway driving. Also, the location for lessons may affect what types of roads a driver can deal with. For example; working in West London, Totally Driving has a great spread of road types and size but just 10 minutes down the motorway we have some great, fast-paced, challenging country lanes including Box Hill and the surrounding Epsom Downs area.

What Benefits Will I Get?

Passing your driving test is a special time; you now have the freedom to take to the road but driving is a skill that you will never stop learning, so training is important. As a new driver you will meet many challenges that you may not have faced in driving lessons. In part to do with location and road traffic laws governing the use of motorways.




The Pass Plus course will give you two main benefits

  • – You will be more confident on the road, have a greater understanding of more challenging drives and be able to deal with more complex hazards.
  • – You will be able to apply for a discount with many of the UKs top insurance companies saving you up to 20%!


Insurance discounts

So you have passed your driving test and now you are trying to convince your parents to buy you a car, but you have one massive hurdle to pass – the car insurance – it costs a small fortune. This is were the Pass Plus course will help you, because it can save you up to 20 percent on your first years premium, which could be up to a few hundred pounds. But the best part is not only can you explain to your parents that your be getting a discount on your insurance, but you can tell them that the course will make you a better and more experienced driver. Win, Win!

For a more detailed look at what to expect with a Pass Plus Course and a list of insurance company`s that currently offer discounts – Click Here


What to expect in your Pass Plus course

Below is just a taster of what you can expect in your Pass Plus course; you will cover all of the below in the 6 hours of your course and extra lessons can be added if required.

1 Motorway Driving – This road type is daunting, large and often busy, but we will breakdown all that is needed, looking step by step at how to deal with slip roads, keeping good distance and lane changes. Given the location in West London, the lesson will often involve driving up the M3 – M4 and driving around the M25 West side, giving you an amazing insight into motorway travel.

2  City Driving – We have the great city of London on our door step, so this lesson will involve us driving right into the heart of London, including driving up the embankment, passing Big Ben and the challenging A4 Trunk Road. This is a whole different world to driving in the suburbs, so your understanding for complex junctions, co-existing with bikes and forward planning will be massively increased.

3 Country lane driving – This is a great module that everyone enjoys; you remember the Olympic riding course at Box Hill?  Well for 6 years we have been using almost the exact same route as it has great variety of fast passed national speed limit roads, helping you understand the balance of your car, judging road conditions and assessing hazards at speed.

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