Nervous Drivers

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Nervous New Drivers

Although most people don’t admit it, learning to drive can be very daunting, just getting the first lessons booked can be a hard step. We understand this and will help every step of the way from day one to completing your driving test. Firstly, when you speak to us we will find out what your biggest fears in regards to driving are and take steps to address them straight on.

We have many happy students – click here to see what some of them said about driving lesssons with us.

” I found the lessons the perfect environment, informative and relaxed. I really enjoyed learning under olie and he gave me the confidence to pass my test first time with few minors. The manouveres became easy with olie’s instructions. We had a great laugh too”         Jack from Teddington


In the first lesson we will find out your skill level to create a lesson plan bespoke to you. Everyone wants to pass their test and get on the road as soon as they can, that is why we plan our lessons to your own individual ability, getting the maximum benefits without any intense pressure. For those who may have already had lessons with a previous instructor, we will work out your skill level and create lessons using your past experience. This means you get to start off where you left off, not starting again from scratch.

If you wish to learn to drive please give us a call or contact us here and we can arrange a package for you.


Totally Driving – Driving School

Offers driving lessons in Hampton, Twickenham, Ashford, Kingston, Teddington, Surbiton, Esher and all of the surrounding areas. Click here to see if we cover your area.

Below are just some of the things you can expect from our lessons:

  • We teach in a relaxed manner suiting your pace of learning
  • We do not feel confrontational lessons are productive
  • We will not put you on large main roads until YOU feel you’re ready
  • We keep lessons as stress free as possible to help you enjoy driving

Your instructor will talk to you when booking lessons including, how many hours you need, what to expect on your first lesson and the types of roads and locations that you can start in. The aim of this is to help you understand what is going to happen in the first few lessons and help calm some of the fears. Most people expect that they will have to start on large busy roads and deal with traffic from day one. This is never the case for beginners or nervous drivers; a very quiet, wide open side road is the best place. With our unrivalled local knowledge here at Totally Driving we will know the perfect location in every area covered.

To find out more about your instructor, please visit: Meet Your Instructor.

Here at Totally Driving we have helped many people get back their driving skills and confidence. This is done by how we structure our lessons; we understand what makes you enjoy a lesson and what helps you understand the learning involved.


Driving Lesson Times

Each Driving lesson is suited to you, so we offer a range of times. We do not limit the amount of hours you may wish to do per week. Some pupils wish to take the driving test as soon as possible and some wish to learn in a steady stream, so we will recommend an amount for you based on your needs and finances. Our basic lesson times are shown below, but as with everything this is bespoke so we can arrange other lesson times if needs be:


Unlike larger driving schools

At Totally Driving we understand that some people do not wish to do just two hour lessons. That is why we do not require two hours for every pupil but for progression, two hour lessons tend to be the most productive and cost effective where possible.

  • One hour
  • One & half hours
  • Two hours


Drop Off & Pick Up

Here at Totally Driving we understand that time is valuable so we will help place lessons around your schedule, meaning we are very flexible with pick up and drop offs. We offer free pick ups and drop offs available at college, work, home or anywhere you wish in your local area. We do this because often we find our pupils have a busy day and may wish to finish a lesson at college or end at a place of work. Helping you fit your lesson round your day is what we are all about.


Flexible driving lesson

fitting your lesson in with your day helps you fit your learning around your life style and needs. This helps you relax and enjoy lessons rather than having to do lessons late in the evening or at a g weekend, when it maybe more stressful. Many of our pupils now fit lessons into lunch breaks or gaps in their college day, all made possible with free drop offs and pick ups.

  • Free pick ups and drop offs to suit you
  • No piggy back lessons
  • Lessons to fit around your day
  • Fit your driving lesson around long breaks at college or work



Why Choose a Local Driving School?

Here at Totally Driving we recognise that learning to drive can be daunting so we take advantage of being a local driving school rather than a large multi-regional school. We will not pass you onto a call centre to organise dates and if needed we will even book the test for you at no extra cost.

We cover all the local colleges and six forms. For more information, visit: Local Colleges.


Benefits of Using a Local Driving Instructor

Your instructor will be teaching your from the first lesson until the day you pass. We do not feel that swapping an instructor half way through is productive for the pupil as often a rapport is built and it can affect progress. Also here at Totally Driving we know the local area well and take advantage of this knowledge to make sure you start and drive in areas suited for your level of driving. Some of the larger schools recommend instructors to work in unfamiliar areas to increase pupil volumes; we feel this is not in the pupils best interest hence work only in locations familiar to us. To book lessons or get more information simply contact us today.


After You Have Passed

Once you have passed your driving test, learning doesn’t have to stop there. At Totally Driving, we offer a wide range of supporting driving courses for those with a driving licence. These include; Refresher Driving Courses, Pass Plus Course, Confidence Building Courses, Motorway Courses and Parking Courses. For more information, feel free to give us a call.

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