International Drivers

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International Drivers

International Drivers wishing to obtain a UK Driving Licence need to make a few checks before driving the in UK. Many people will be able to legally to drive for a year or maybe more, but some will have to surrender their licence for a UK Licence Provisional. A Provisional Licence is a trainee licence given to people before they are able to drive on the UK road network. You can use the information here to see what steps you need to take next.


If you are looking to take a driving test within your first year living in the UK, Totally Driving is all you need to get your Full UK Licence.  A US or International Permit (IDP) is valid for one year, and after that period a UK Provisional Licence must be applied for, plus a Theory and Practical test must be passed.

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At Totally Driving, we have found that we have many international drivers requiring international lessons in Staines, Laleham, Shepperton, Virginia Water, Wentworth, Chertsey, Thorpe, Englefield Green. As a well established driving school, we understand the area and road network so can provide high quality lessons to get your international licence changed into a UK licence as soon as possible.



The Rules


EU & EEC licence holders
If you are an EU licence holder you can drive in Great Britain on your full, valid driving licence as a visitor or for 3 years after becoming resident in Great Britain at which point you WILL be required to exchange it for a UK licence .
Designated countries
If you belong to a designated country and have a full and valid licence you can drive in the UK for 12 months before you need to exchange it for a UK licence. The ‘designated countries’ are: Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe.
Non–EU countries & US
A temporary visitor can drive in the UK for 12 months from your date of last entry into the country. If you are staying any longer, or become a resident, you should take the theory and practical tests before the expiry of the 12-month period. You should not drive after 12 months. If you do you are liable to prosecution, so will need to exchange your Non–EU for a UK provisional licence. At this point you will no longer be able to drive independently until a UK driving test is taken.                                                                          To book an assessment lesson with us – Click here.


Changes made by the government in 2013 may mean that people from Designated Countries will have to prove their driving test was to an acceptable standard. For more information – Click here.



Booking International Lessons


  • Apply for a UK Provisional licence
  • Apply and pass the Theory Test
  • Book assessment lessons with Totally Driving 
  • Apply for a UK Driving Test


International Driving Lessons – What to Expect


Driving in the UK is not that different to many other countries in the world, but the UK driving test is ranked among one of the hardest in the world. This helps to keep our driving standards high and road traffic accidents as low as possible.

Many other European countries have challenging driving tests. Finland puts its students through a two-part exam and extensive classroom lessons before giving them a provisional licence. In the Netherlands, students are made to take a series of challenging exams.

Taking international driving lessons with Totally driving will help bring you to the level of driving required for you to pass a UK Driving Test. For many, it will be a similar standard to when you first got your international licence. As an international driver, you will already have driving experience but our expert skills and knowledge of local road signs, traffic flow and busy junctions, gives you the best chance of passing first time.

International Lessons are charged at £25 per hour ( For students requiring to take UK Driving Test ) , which included information and advice on taking the Theory Test and Step by Step guides to completing all aspects of the Driving Test.

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