Driving Lessons Twickenham TW1

Driving Lessons Twickenham TW1 

Driving Lessons Twickenham 

So your looking to take driving lessons in Twickenhamsituated in West London, with the River Thames running around the centre and surrounding suburbs. Totally Driving – Driving School in Twickenham, covers lessons all over the town of Twickenham TW1. Its home to the council buildings for Richmond Borough Council, Twickenham Stadium and some great views of the river. Twickenham highstreet is a rather busy place but the town centre its self is tinny in comparison to other local towns such as Kingston and Richmond.



Neighbouring Towns Local to Twickenham for Driving Lessons  

The town of Twickenham has a number of small towns close, our driving school covers driving lessons in Strawberry Hill TW1, Hounslow TW3, St. Margaret’s TW1 and Fulwell TW2 .  Totally Driving driving offers lessons in all the local towns.

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Our Driving School in Twickenham

Looking for a driving instructor in Twickenham, look no further than Ollie with Totally Driving.  We are proud to have a great first time pass rate, loads of happy students and have very detailed knowledge of the local road network to help make lessons that little bit easer.

 Take a look below for help with great starting locations for driving lessons in Twickenham and insider tips on where to try additional lessons with family.

Drive in Twickenham with a marching band

Twickenham is a great part of West London boasting many things, firstly is the great Stadium, Twickenham Stadium home of English Rugby. If its education your after its one of West Londons best universitys, Founded in 1850, it is generally acknowledged to be the oldest Catholic  University in the Uk. Formerly called St Mary’s University College. St. Mary`s University is situated in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham.

 driving around Twickenham Green  

Our driving school car parked in Twickenham

Local Driving Test Centre For Driving Lessons In Twickenham.


Twickenham is only a stones throw from Isleworth Driving Test Centre, so in most cases it would make sense to take advantage of this, Isleworth Test Centre is located on the boarder of Hounslow in an old, somewhat dated building. The DSA have been trying to find a better location for the centre for a number of years with no success. Its important that you learn test routes with the Isleworth Test Centre because on of the roads, without the right direction, can be rather challenging.

Not only do we cover driving lessons in Twickenham but we cover all the surrounding towns, So if you are looking to learn to drive in Hampton Hill, Teddington or surrounding towns.

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Kent took driving lessons in Twickenham –                          “Cheers mate its been great learning with you, we somehow managed to get loads done in the lessons along with alot of banter. Youve been a great instructor and il be getting my sister to learn with you when she starts learning to drive. Cheers once again, im not sure how i managed pass first time but i did.


Great Starting locations for driving lessons in Twickenham TW1

Staines Road  

Staines Road is on of the main roads leading in and out of Twickenham, from bordering Hampton. Once you have mastered junctions and turns, this is a great place to work on meeting oncoming traffic

Fulwell Park Ave

Fulwell Park Ave and Lisbon Ave are one of the only starter locations in Twickenham, due to its busy road net work and small housing estates. This one really is a the only great place for your first driving lesson.

Lincoin Ave

Lincoin Ave close to Selkirk Road are great roads to get started on T-Junctions and emerging in to main roads, but be careful, a lot of people use it as a quick cut to the Chertsey Road  .


Refresher Driving Lessons Twickenham TW1

So you have passed a while ago, but your still finding drive hard work or a chore. You are not alone, why not join the growing number of people taking Refresher Lessons with Totally driving. We have a range of bespoke courses suited for everyone.  Including Parking, Motorway and Nervous Driver courses to name just a few.

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Why Choose An Approved Driving Instructor In Twickenham TW1

In October 2010, the DSA stopped publishing Driving Test routes for all of its driving test centres around the UK. Most centres consist of 10-12 routes, each taking approximately 40-50 minutes meaning that the student has to be familiar with all of the major crossroads, junctions and roundabouts covered by the test centre. When people take lessons with their parents’ or friends, candidates’ will often encounter a common problem – a lack of understanding when approaching large junctions and roundabouts with respect to lanes and position. With the direction of an Approved Driving Instructor, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the complex junctions and roundabouts involved in the test routes.


Ollie your instructor photo with Twitter and webpage information

Learn To Drive With Totally Driving

Totally Driving offers driving lesson covering the Twickenham area, with impeccable local knowledge of Twickenham and all its surrounding towns such as Richmond, Hounslow and Isleworth.  We understand all the starting locations and areas for every level of driving.

At Totally Driving we can help you progress throughout your tuition at a speed and time scale that suits you.  We feel that learning to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment greatly increases the speed at which you take on every aspect of driving, but it makes lessons fun and enjoyable.

Take a look at our customer reviews – Click here to see how some of our past students have found lessons with us.


  • “Cheers mate its been great learning with you, we somehow managed to get loads done in the lessons along with alot of banter. Youve been a great instructor and il be getting my sister to learn with you when she starts learning to drive. Cheers once again, im not sure how i managed pass first time but i did.

    Kent - Student from Twickenham

  • Thanks olie for teaching me to be a confident driver and for all the laughs along the way! I would recommend learning to drive with Totally driving to anyone, Olie is so organised and prepared with his methods of teaching including use of his iPad, toy car and google images of routes.

    Jess - Student from Twickenham

  • Its been a good journey mate, could not have asked more from a teacher. Always made the lessons fun, enjoyable and were more like a mate than a teacher. Gunna miss monday afternoons of driving with you and would recommend you to anyone with an interest in driving, Thanks again Ollie, hope to see you around and best of luck in the world!

    Dom - Student from Twickenham

  • hank you very much Ollie! You were very calm and patient when I was driving which was very reassuring! You made driving seem easy and straight forward which I didn’t originally think it was going to be. Also lessons were a lot of fun and a shame they are now over  

    Amelia - Student from Twickenham

  • Thanks for everything Ollie. Awesome driving instructor with great banter which made all the lessons a lot of fun. Never thought I’d pass so quick. Great car to make it all the easier.

    Joe - Student from Teddington


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