Driving Lessons Sunbury On Thames TW16

Driving Lessons Sunbury On Thames TW16

Our Driving School in Sunbury On Thames TW16

Totally Driving is a driving school covering West London,  including driving lessons in Sunbury On Thames. If you are looking to take driving lessons in Sunbury On Thames we can help.

In Sunbury, Totally Driving has a great driving instructor who has an outstanding knowledge of the local area, knows all of the best starter roads and has a thorough understanding of how the local Ashford driving test centre operates. So if your looking for driving lessons in Sunbury, why not get in contact.

Sunbury is a suburban town just outside the greater London border; it is a very urban area but it is has several small local greens and parks, making it a very desirable place to be. Situated from the base of the M3 to the Thames River,  Sunbury itself is split into two areas – Lower Sunbury TW16 and Sunbury TW16 but it is most commonly known as Sunbury On Thames.


             Sunbury on thames old highstreet for driving

Lower Sunbury Road in Sunbury on Thames Sunbury TW16 is surrounded by some affluent towns and villages, one being Shepperton TW17. Shepperton is a small riverside town with some great pubs and places to visit. Shepperton is commonly know for the film studios Shepperton Studios, where many greats have been created. Shepperton also has some great pubs; one of the best is Thames Court, situated next to the Thames with amazing views of the sun setting on the River Thames.

Not far down the road is Upper Halliford TW17 which again for the most part backs onto the river. It boasts some great pubs and some very good schools, one of the best would be Haliford School which is known throughout the area. Other areas that you will find surrounding Sunbury are Hampton TW12 and Ashford TW15.

Learn to drive on roads in Sunbury on Thames

Local Test Centres

Sunbury’s local driving test centre is Ashford, Middlesex. This covers most of the surrounding area and if you are taking driving lessons within TW11, TW12, TW13, TW14, TW15 or TW16 you will find yourself being best placed to take a driving test at the Ashford Test centre.


Ashford Driving Test Centre

Ashford and the surrounding area are covered by Ashford Driving Test Centre, at lot people learn to drive in Ashford, Middlesex so it has 12 test routes criss-crossing all of the major local towns which requires the candidates’ to have a strong understanding of all major junctions and roundabouts. The Ashford Driving Test Centre, which is situated on the corner of B378 Church Road and B377 Fordbridge Road, has no car park forcing the candidates to park adjacent to the high street or along Fordbridge Road. Candidates’ must ensure that they do not park too close to or opposite other candidates as this will cause restrictive traffic flow, leading to an unhappy examiner before they even get in the car.

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Kempton Park Races with horses


Great locations for driving lessons in Sunbury


Starting locations in Sunbury TW16

 Maryland Way

When starting driving lessons in Sunbury, the best starter road would be on Maryland Way which leads on to Silverdale  Drive due to its very low traffic density and wide roads, making it a great starting location for lessons. Driving lessons in Sunbury with Totally Driving often start in this area.

 The Avenue

The Avenue is a large, long road running through the middle of Sunbury that is wide and does not get too busy during off peek times. This road is great road for driving lessons, but for a more experienced driver only. When learning to drive in Sunbury, this road is the next step after you have mastered small junctions and side roads

Staines Road East

Staines Road East A308 is a fast 40mph A road that links the base of the M3 to Hampton. This road is not for beginners but once you have the confidence and skill, it is a great road to perfect car handling. Staines Road East is home of the famous Kempton Race Course, but it is important that you keep your eyes on the road, not the horse you have money on.



Driving Instructors in Sunbury On Thames


Totally Driving offers driving lessons that cover the Sunbury area with an impeccable local knowledge of Sunbury and all of its surrounding towns, meaning we understand all of the starting locations and the areas for every level of driving. Totally Driving can help you progress throughout your tuition at a speed and time scale that suits you.  At Totally Driving we feel that learning to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment greatly increases the speed at which you take on every aspect of driving, but it makes lessons fun and enjoyable.

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Why choose an approved driving instructor

In October 2010, the DSA stopped publishing Driving Test routes for all of its driving test centres around the UK. Most centres consist of 10-12 routes, each taking approximately 40-50 minutes meaning that the student has to be familiar with all of the major crossroads, junctions and roundabouts covered by the test centre. When people take lessons with their parents or friends, candidates’ will often encounter a common problem – a lack of understanding when approaching large junctions and roundabouts with respect to lanes and position. With the direction of an Approved Driving Instructor, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the complex junctions and roundabouts involved in the test routes.




At Totally Driving we train you to understand and have an increased sense of confidence when dealing with all large junctions and roundabouts – not just for your driving test but for all of the driving you will do after, so taking driving lessons in Ashford will soon have you driving confidently with increasing knowledge of all the complex junctions.

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If  your thinking about taking driving schools or you want some more information get in contact. You could be on the road and in your first driving lesson in less than 10 days.

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  • “Thank you for all the time you put into our lessons oli, such a great teacher to work with. What a relief that I’ve finally passed!”

    Maya - Student from Ashford

  • “ Thankyou Ollie for the fun filled lessons always had a good laugh, never a dull moment, very enjoyable got there in the end. Thankyou for helping me to pass first time ”

    Lisa - Student from Ashford

  • Thanks Olie! I’ve had a really great time learning how to drive and you have been a brilliant instructor, thanks for being so patient and helpful!”

    Ghazal - Student from Staines-Upon-Thames

  • “Thank you for all the time you put into our lessons oli, such a great teacher to work with. What a relief that I’ve finally passed!”

    Maya - Student from Ashford

  • “Olie! Thank you for being an amazing instructor , Who knew that I would ever be able to pass. Our lessons have been very very funny and I have enjoyed them immensely x”

    Sinead - Student from Ashford


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